How To Create “New File” from Right-Click Context Menu In Mac OS X

If you are using Windows PC for years then you may be used certain tasks on your Windows computer in particular ways. Getting acquainted with any new operating system can be difficult, be its Mac OS X or a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu.

One little issue that most users notice when they switched from Windows to Mac is that there is no option in the context menu to create an empty file to any location. We mean “New file” option that we have been using in Windows for years.

If you are missing that “New” context menu option, then you’ve landed on the right article. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to bring “New” option in the context menu on a Mac OS X.

Step 1 ) Utility Installation- First you need to install this free utility called “Xtrafinder”

Note- If you are using Yosemite or other old versions of Mac OS X, then this utility will be easily installed on your Mac computer. In the case of EI Captain, you need to follow these steps:

1) Install Xtrafinder on your Mac. In EI Captain, the Xtrafinder won’t start and throw an error message. To make this utility run on you Mac, you need to enable XtraFinder to inject code in the Finder- which needs to be done in the Recovery Mode.

2) Restart your Mac, and hold Command and R keys at startup.

3) On Recovery Mode, you need to click “Utilities” on top menu and then open “Terminal”. In Terminal you need to type the following command: csrutil enable –without debug. Press “Enter” key to execute the command. (Screenshot) (Screenshot 2)

4) Restart your PC again and you will see that Xtrafinder will start working on your Mac OS X.

Step 2 ) Adding Templates – Launch Xtrafinder and open “Xtrafinder Preferences”. Go to “Add items to finder menus”. Check the “New File” feature, and click on Manage JasmineLive Templates. On Manage templates, you need to add blank/empty files of different programs in your “Office Suit”.

In the screenshot you can see, we have added blank files of “MS Office” programs such as MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, and MS Word.’

Step 3) Check the Context menu- Check your context menu by clicking the right mouse button on your desktop (or any location on Mac). Now you will see an option that enables you can create new files anywhere on your Mac.

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