How To Create “New File” from Right-Click Context Menu In Mac OS X

If you are using Windows PC for years then you may be used certain tasks on your Windows computer in  particular ways. Getting acquainted with any new operating system can be difficult, be its Mac OS X or a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu. One little issue that most users notice when they switched from Windows

How To Download Youtube Videos Without Using Software ?

If you are looking for some online tools to download Youtube videos for free and without using any software, then you have landed on the right article. In this article, you will find the best online tools to download YouTube videos. YouTube is the best platform when it comes to hosting videos online. It’s the third

10 Best Chiclet Keyboards You Can Buy In India

The Chiclet keyboards are now being used in almost every new laptop. A Chiclet keyboard is the one which has square like keys with round corners and the sides of the keys are straight. The name of the keyboard is taken from an American chewing gum brand whose chewing gum shape is exactly the same

Solo Cleaning Kit Review- Keep Your Laptop Spotlessly Clean

Over a period of time, the screen your laptop is prone to fingerprints, dirt, dust and smudges. Cleaning is a task that a few of us enjoy, but is essential to avoid unnecessary eye strain caused due of blurred images of a dirty screen, and to prolong the life of essential components of your laptop.

Set Windows 8 or 8.1 Search box to Search Text Inside Files

By default, Windows search box finds documents, images, MP3 files and file names in the location you’ve approved for indexing, but there’s a lesser-known feature which lets you peek inside files without opening them. In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable Windows search box to search for contents of files. And it’s really

DigitalOcean – Cheap and Reliable VPS Hosting Solution

Choosing your first VPS hosting can be a tricky business, because you need to decide how much to spend and what kind of features to have. If you are setting up a new website, or your just want to upgrade your hosting plan from shared to a VPS, DigitalOcean is a useful place to start.

How to Install Addons in Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit has long been a favorite PDF reading alternative because it’s blazingly fast, lightweight and has many features to make PDF reading a joy. Foxit also offers few add-ons to add amazing new extra features to its PDF reading programs, such as JavaScript support, Foxit OCR, spell checker and eastern language support. Foxit add-ons are distributed

Facebook Pokki – A Free Facebook Desktop App for your Windows PC

Pokki Facebook is offering a new dimension for Facebook users; it replicates the full Facebook web service in a simple desktop app. Once installed, it offers full access to your Facebook  account right from your desktop; complete with the ability to manage feeds, messages, notifications, friend requests and status. We bet that you would love