YouTube Officially launches a Live Streaming Website

YouTube has a special status and reputation as a video-sharing  website. YouTube consistently ranked above any other video-sharing in the world  with over two billion page views per day. Today, YouTube has officially announced a new service, YouTube live, which aims at providing live streaming from channels by  its different partners.

People can now watch  live videos of various events and programs on it new platform called YouTube Live ( ). I think, this step will defiantly adds an extra level of engagement on their website.  On YouTube Live page, you will also able to see timing or schedule of streaming programs and users get notify about an upcoming events stream by subscribing particular live channels and by adding events to their Google calendars.  Youtube live

YouTube Live would give a direct competition to the widely popular live streaming websites such as Livestream, Justin TV and Ustream. This new platform will greatly contribute to make YouTube an ultimate destination for all videos on the web. YouTube live is expected to add thousands  of new potential partners and eventually it will grow as the full-fledged live streaming platform in the next few months.

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