Wunderlist – Best Free Task Manager For PC and Mobile devices

Wunderlist is perhaps the most intuitive and user-friendly to-do list application for getting things done. I use Wunderlist for my daily to-do-list, and for good reasons. It has simple interface, syncing capabilities, cross- platform support and native apps for mobile devices. Plus, it’s all free. Now I’ll walk you through the features of Wunderlist app and show you how to get things done with it.

Unlike other similar apps which are crammed with options, Wunderlist interface is straightforward and very easy to use. The first thing to do when you start Wunderlist, is to create a free account. This will help you synchronize your tasks across all the computers and mobile devices that have Wunderlist installed. Although, you can easily skip this step to use the application right away, but it’s advisable to signup for a free account, since it’s a quick process. The main interface displayed afterwards which lists tasks on the left side and tasks list on right pane. Task lists are used to categorize and filter tasks for speedy management.

Creating a new task is quick and easy. Click the text box available on the top of left panel(1)and start typing to add the list of tasks. You can set when they’re due- use the clock icon on the left side of text box(2)and cross them out when done. Tasks are marked as complete with a click on the square at the front of them(3). The completed tasks moves to the “done” section at the bottom of your list. To edit task you can just have to double-click it and edit the text as needed.

You can prioritize your tasks using a small star symbol(4). Simply click on star symbol to mark the tasks that really matter. The tasks can even have extra information such as a note associated with them. It can be accessed using the small symbol next to each task(5).

The bottom taskbar help you synchronize and sort your tasks with a simple mouse click. From here you can toggle between all, starred or done tasks. You can also sort tasks with assigned day or date and the tasks without any date.

The application even lets you have multiple lists. These lists can be used to categorize tasks. To add new lists, click on the ‘add list’ button in the right corner. All the created lists can be found in the left pane. For the convenience of users, Wunderlist has hotkeys for essential functions, such as [CTRL] + [L] to create new lists. Thankfully, the first time when you launch the app, you will see all the keyboard hotkeys listed on the main section.

You can print your lists, send them to your friends by emails, or upload and get a public link to share with people who don’t even use the app. Wunderlist also comes with a couple of background themes that give it a stylish look.



It is simple but effective to-do tool that take care of all your task management needs. The interface is prompt and responsive. Synchronization feature keep your tasks up-to-date wherever you go. You can even work offline, it will sync your data, when you’re back online.

It runs on everything. It offers cross- platform apps that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac, and has apps for mobile platforms such as Android, Apple iOS, Windows phones OS and Blackberry OS. It even has a web version so you can work on other computers without installing any app.


The desktop app take up too much screen space; it would be better to have an option that turns it into an app with minimalist interface like Doomi. And, it does not have alarm or reminder features, although it used to.

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