VideoCacheView- Save YouTube and Facebook Videos from Web Browser Cache

If you are looking for the easiest way to search through your browser cache for already-watched videos so you can save them onto your desktop to watch whenever you like, then VideoCacheView is defiantly what you should be looking for. VideoCacheViewVideoCacheView is a free utility to analyze and extract all the video files stored in your browser cache folder. When you open this app, it will search through the cache for each of your browsers and automatically fills its pane with a list of video and audio files it detects in your web browser cache. Right-click any item from the list for options to save it for later use or play it  with .flv capable application like Gom Player or VLC.

I’ve tested VideoCacheView v.2.10 to save Facebook and YouTube videos. The utility itself a treat- it’s small, efficient and enabled me to recover video or audio files from my browser’s cache with ease. I recommend this tool to everyone.

VideoCacheView is available for Windows, Linux and Mac, and works with a wide array of browsers. You can even download one to launch from a USB flash drive.

Download VideoCacheView

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  1. sp4ce

    Works great !

  2. b4pt

    works great !

  3. Vishesh Arora

    This is a great utility for browsers other then safari as safari has an in-built option for this feature. Pressing “Cntrl/Cmnd + Alt/Opt + A” in safari will open Activity box from where you can download you cache.


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