Download YouTube Videos to Your Computer by using VLC Media Player

The sad thing is, a majority of YouTube downloaders are merely malware/adware containers and you end up wasting precious constructive time trying to undo the damaged caused. But why install those pesky programs to download YouTube videos when our favorite media-player application can help.

If you’re a VLC user, you may know its ability to play any type of media, customization and networking capabilities. What you may not know is that it is filled with a hidden feature that lets you download YouTube videos to your PC. Here’ how:

Step 1 – Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video you’re interested in.

Copy Youtube Video Address

Step 2 – Open VLC media player and click on Media< Open a network stream from the menu. Paste your copied URL in the ‘Network Protocol’ box and click the play button. Wait till the video start streaming in your VLC.

Paste URL  in Network

Step 3 – Now Go to Tools< Media Information and copy the “Location” of the stream (press shortcut key, Ctrl + S).

Copy Media Locaiton

Step 4 – Open a web browser, paste the copied “location” to the address bar and press Enter key. You will see that the video will start playing right inside the browser window. Simply right click and save the video to your hard drive.

Download Youtube Video (VLC)

If, after all reading, you are still stuck, watch the video tutorial here.

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