TeraCopy- Speed Up Copying Files In Windows

If you get impatient while waiting for Windows to copy large files from one folder to another, try Teracopy, which can copy files significantly faster than Explorer can.


TeraCopy is a freeware that replaces Explorer’s copy and move function, enabling you to handle files faster than the default Windows file handling functions. TeraCopy can be run as a standalone file copier or it can be integrated as Windows shell function, so you won’t need to bring up its main interface each time to copy and move files to and from different locations.

As compare to the default Windows Copier, TeraCopy offers better functionality such as ability to pause and resume copy/move operations, fixing problems in case of failed file transfer and simple file verification. Additionally, the program has ability to check md5 checksums to check if a file has been copied properly from one drive to another.

To use TeraCopy, you simply drag files to the Windows or use the usual copy-and-paste method.

I’ve tested Teracopy 2.27 on a Windows 7 PC, regardless of the claims and other editorial reviews i don’t believe that the transfers are tad faster than Windows. You’d better test it for yourself. On the plus side, this small utility is more than just copy and paste, you will appreciate the resume capacity which lets save you from copying the whole thing all over again. And, it works fine without hogging down system resources while copying data.

Download TeraCopy (works on Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit)

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  1. Vishesharora28

    yes.. its true, its just creates a psychological effect in mind. But its of no use. The speed is almost the same as of windows itself .

  2. Ishank Badhani

    But, don’t forget the pause-resume capability of this app. Hence, i think this app worth a try.


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