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How to Install Addons in Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit has long been a favorite PDF reading alternative because it’s blazingly fast, lightweight and has many features to make PDF reading a joy. Foxit also offers few add-ons to add amazing new extra features to its PDF reading programs, such as JavaScript support, Foxit OCR, spell checker and eastern language support. Foxit add-ons are distributed

Facebook Pokki – A Free Facebook Desktop App for your Windows PC

Pokki Facebook is offering a new dimension for Facebook users; it replicates the full Facebook web service in a simple desktop app. Once installed, it offers full access to your Facebook  account right from your desktop; complete with the ability to manage feeds, messages, notifications, friend requests and status. We bet that you would love

Pokki brings back the Start Menu in Windows 8

Most of the Windows 8 users are still missing the traditional Start menu which is replaced by the new Start Screen. As Microsoft is not thinking of bringing back the Start menu, so you might be better of with alternative like Pokki menu. Pokki Menu is quite similar to the old one in windows 7,

How to Password Protect Microsoft Office 2013 Documents, Workbooks, and Presentations

Microsoft Office 2013 lets you stop other people opening a specific document,  Excel workbook or document by password protecting the file. using Create a New Password. Here’s how. Create a new Password Step 1. Open the document you want to protect with a password and then go to the File menu. Step 2. Under Info

Freeze the Top Row in Excel to Keep it in View While Scrolling

You’ve probably seen that when working with large Excel spreadsheets headings located at the top row disappear if you scroll down beyond the rows shown onscreen, and making it a little inconvenient to track where you are on a spreadsheet. Thankfully, Excel has a little nifty feature (officially known as “Freeze Panes”) to help you

Quickly Search an Installed Program or App in Windows 8 and 8.1

Since Microsoft has dropped its traditional start menu in Windows 8 and 8.1, most of you might need some help in getting accustomed to the new look and functions. This tutorial will show you simple steps to quickly search a program or app installed on your PC. Method 1 – Press windows logo key and start typing

How to Sync Files and Folders Between Two Windows PCs

The sync process is obviously an intelligent way to ensure that your tons of data is always up to date in every computer you use- be its your good old home PC, office desktop or notebook you take to your work. For novices it would be still a challenge to establish a network and sync

Best Free Programs to Sync Files and Folders between two PCs

Working with different computers brings with it the headache of keeping track of versions and having the important files updated on regular basis. Sure, there is a old-fashioned, cumbersome solution- you can backup data on a USB drive or an external hard drive and manually replace tons of older files with newer ones. Or you