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How to use Google Sync to Synchronize Your Chrome Bookmarks, Passwords and Other Browser Data

With everything going online these days, your bookmarks and passwords need not to be limited to a menu in your web browser. Thankfully, the built-in feature “Google Sync” offers a […]

Clover 2 : Add Chrome Browser Like Tabs to Windows Explorer

In a similar manner to Tab Explorer, Clover 2 brings tabbed interface to Windows Explorer. With its ability to add Chrome browser like tabs to Windows Explorer, this tool is […]

Clear Extension Lets You Delete Browser History from Right-Click Menu

It’s not difficult to wipe your browsing history at the end of each web session. You can go find options from ‘Tool’ menu or use shortcut key (Ctrl-Shift-Del on Windows). […]

Handy Maps: Quickly Access Google Maps Through The Browser Toolbar

With lots of innovative features, Google maps is the mapping service of choice for many web users. I am also an ardent user of this service and I find myself […]

Cortex For Chrome Offers a Simple Way to Share Web Content on Social Networks

You might think there’s nothing existing about sharing tools, and you’d be pretty much correct as there’re plenty of tool already available on the web. Cortex for Chrome, however, is good, not because […]

Use”Paste and Go” in Browsers to Save an Extra Click While Pasting URLs

‘Paste and Go’ is one of those browser features that often goes unnoticed by users. Although this may sound a pointless tip, but sometimes even the little things can  provide […]

Accupix Lets you Pick Color Codes for Any Webpage Element (Chrome)

We all know that good usage of colors makes the site look receptive to the readers. But, if you’re one of those people (including me) with some poor choices of […]

Screenleap Extension lets you Share Screen with your Gmail Contacts

If you’re the tech support person for your company, friends and family, then simplify the process of sharing your screen with Screenleap for Gmail. Screanleap for Gmail is a browser […]