Tag, Rename and Organize Music Collection with TagScanner

If you’ve been collecting thousands of files for years, chances are, the audio files on your hard drive are a metadata disaster, making it hard to find what you’re looking for. Use TagScanner, a comprehensive tool to quickly organize your music collection.tagscannerTagScanner is a powerful tag editor that supports virtually every audio files type you’re likely to own. It’s a fantastic music tool if you want the tracks in your collection to have correct information about their artist, album, genre, lyrics and so on.

Tags can be added manually, or generated automatically from filename, folder or pulled from online databases like Amazon, Discogs, Freedb, TrackType.org etc. These tags can help programs like Windows Media Player and iTunes organize and store the music on your hard drive.

It includes a built-in player as well so you can listen to tracks while you’re organizing them. You can also add lyrics, cover art and create playlists or export them as m3u, txt,, HTML, Excel, and CSV files. All these functions of the program are accessible from top menu items, namely, music renamer, tag editor, tag processor, and list maker.


I’ve tested TagScanner 5.1.610 on Windows PC. I think the interface of the program can be a little complex for new users, it will take time  to get used with this program as it is loaded with tons of features. Thankfully, there is a really good illustrated guide attached with it that explain how to use the program- you can open guide by pressing F1 key. Overall, it’s a fantastic tool. Available for Windows only.

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