Stardock Fences Tidy Up All Your Desktop Icons

If your shortcuts, folders and files are strewn across the desktop like so many clothes on the bedroom floor, corral them with fences, a free utility that gives you an easy way to organize all the items on desktop.fencesThe free version of Stardock Fences organize your icons into special translucent compartments. Hence, it introduce some order to your cluttered desktop.

When you launch Fences, it will give you two options at start-up. You can either choose to create your own Fences (for advanced users) or start using Fences directly by choosing an existing layout. Choose the latter option and then click on “Sort out my icons” to organize all your desktop items.

General Features
When you choose “Sort out my icons”, it will create most of the required fences including Quick links, Recent things, Programs, Web Links, Folders, Files and documents. However, if you may need some more of your own Fences, simply hold down the right-click button, mark out an area on the desktop and click ‘create new Fence here’.
You can place as many as icons into each fences by dragging the icon or shortcut into the fence. Individual fence can be resized by dragging the edge. It is also possible to move a fence, just click and drag its label or top-area.
One of the most amazing features of this handy app is the ability to hide your desktop icons simply by double clicking a blank space (another double-click restore everything). You can also exclude a few icons from this quick hide feature. To do this right-click on any icon and check ‘Exclude this fence from quick-hide’.

The application allows you to customize a number of things with respect to the look and feel of the fences you create. Just right-click anywhere on your desktop and click on the ‘configure fences’.  Here you fill find settings to adjust transparency, brightness, hue and saturation. You can also change layout with in Fences. There are 7 default layouts available within Fences, such as the “Left & Right”, “Bottom & Right”, “Bottom” layout etc.

I’ve tested Fences v1.01.143 on a Windows 7 PC. I think it’s a must have app for anyone whose icon collection has gotten out of control.

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