Speccy Give Detailed Information About All Your PC Hardware

From the maker of CCleaner and Recuva, Speccy is a system-information tool that lets you know what’s under the hood of your computer and provides comprehensive details about every piece of hardware in your computer.

This free utility will tell you all you need to know about your processor, hard disk, memory, graphics, motherboard, optical drives, network information and more. It even monitors temperature of your computer’s processor and hard disk for CPU protection purposes.

At launch, it automatically scans your system and update the system info. A system summary is displayed first, and includes all the typical hardware, from the processor to optical drive. The left pane of window contain a list to various component of your PC. Clicking any item on this menu will open a detailed profile of that component on right pane, showing you all the useful information and statistics of the component.


And, the ‘snapshot’ feature(under file menu) in Speccy capture a set of information about your computer system taken at one point in time, this help you benchmark your system’s performance.

Why  you should try it ?

The information and stats it provide are useful if you need to upgrade any element of your PC, such as figuring out what kind of memory to buy when you’re upgrading your system. This app come in handy if you are going to buy a new PC and while writing a product description for selling your PC or its components on eBay.

For detailed information about your PC’s inner hardware, we highly recommend you to download this free tool. Whether you are hardcore user or a novice, you will appreciate the simplicity of accessing all the data in one spot with this free tool.

The Software comes as portable software and installer. Available for Windows only *.

Download Speccy

*I’ve tested Speccy 1.15.309  on a Windows 7 PC.

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