Socially Brings Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare to Nokia Phones

Fast and featured-packed Socially is yet another popular social networking app for Nokia users. True to its name, it gives people a good social networking experience. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you could benefit from using the new socially app.

Socially allow you to manage Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and FourSquare by a single impressive interface. In addition to social networking, Imsy, a messaging service, is integrated with app that allow users to send SMS completely free. So, whether you want catching up with old and long lost friends or connecting with business associate, socially is a worthy service. Just sign in with your account details and you will able to interact, post and get status updates from your cell phones.

After going through all features and accessing, we came to an unanimous decision that using socially is a faster and smoother experience than any other mobile app.

Closer Look at Socially

Socially main interface Socially twitterSocially alert socially caller ID

This application is a blast of fresh air in the Nokia marketplace. It offered many advantages over other existing social clients. As usual you start out by installing the application. On the home screen, you will see icons to social networks and  filmstrip-like interface. Select anyone icon on the top header section then you have to go through the familiar procedure of granting access to your social accounts where you enter your username and password.

After you connect your social accounts with this app, you will see profile pictures of people on filmstrip and their recent updates just beneath the filmstrip. On the top, icons are placed for quick access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and foursquare feeds. Selecting social icon from the top takes you to a mobile friendly interface of social network.

Socially is an application that’s lays strong emphasis on social networking, it deeply integrate with your phone’s address book and show you the social profile of your contacts. The push notification feature provides a way to alert users of new updates while the application runs at the background. Next time, when someone update their status or comments, you are automatically notified on your phone home screen.

With socially you will never miss your friends Birthday as it can import Facebook events to your local phone calendar. Other additions include a caller ID so next time when you receive a phone call, you will see the caller’s likely home location and network. And, if you regularly receive nuisance  phone calls, you have an option to block pesky callers.

I like the lighter interface that loads faster and consumes less resources, which makes it more attractive for those who don’t have a fast internet connection. And best of all, it a free application. Undeniably, Socially is a great service.

Download Socially Free

Supported Devices

Nokia N76 Nokia 5320 XpressMusic Nokia E51 Nokia N77 Nokia 5630 XpressMusic Nokia E52 Nokia N78 Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Nokia E55 Nokia N79 Nokia 5730 XpressMusic Nokia E61 Nokia N81 Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia E62 Nokia N82 Nokia 6124 Classic Nokia E63 Nokia N85 Nokia 6220 Classic Nokia E65 Nokia N86 Nokia 6650 fold Nokia E66 Nokia N92 Nokia 6700 Nokia E71 Nokia N93 Nokia 6710 Navigator Nokia E72 Nokia N93i Nokia 6720 Classic Nokia E75 Nokia N95 Nokia 6730 Classic Nokia E90 Nokia N96 Nokia 6120

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