Smart Archives Reloaded- Show Your WordPress Archives In A Fancy Way

Archives gives your readers an easy way to navigate through your website and let them see a list of every articles you ever published. To make your archive page more intuitive and user-friendly you can do many things but i highly recommend you to install Smart Archive Reloaded plugin.

Smart Archive Reloaded is a free plugin that make it easy to find older posts by cataloging them by date and category. You can download Plugin from here. Once you have activated the plugin you will see a “Smart Archive” link under settings tab in your wordpress admin panel. The ‘Smart Archive” link  lets you explore all the settings that you need to manage the plugin. The options available to manage this plugin are pretty basic, plus no coding is required. You can configure how you want your archives to display and you have the options to filter certain categories by ID and formatting options for date and months.

smart archives reloaded settings

To display archives you just have to add a short code anywhere in your theme or in a separate new page. Below is the screenshot of archives displayed by this plugin. Beautiful, isn’t it ?

smart archives reloaded
You can also see the live demo; our Archive page is using this plugin. See here.

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