A Simple Timer App For Android

There are plenty of timer apps in the store to help you remember to stay on task and remember to take breaks, so you can become more productive and organized. But none of those apps is as simple, quick and convenient as Timer app by opoloo.

Timer Android

This app is a simple timer, but a brilliant one with Android’s Holo theme UI. You can control this app though neat little touches. There is a dial in the center of its interface, just tap and turn the dial to set the timer. One full turn is 60 sec, 60 min or 24 hrs., and you can choose these units of time by tapping on options available above and below the circular dial. There are a few quick setting buttons: you can Start, Pause or Terminate timer.

You can assign a task with timer, change the alarm sound, set the Auto dismiss tended timers, and you can change the theme of your app from the app’s main setting.

Bottom Line: The actual functionality of this app is kept quite minimal, which makes it exceptionally easy to use. Timers don’t get any simpler than this.

Get Timer from Google Play | $0.99 | Support Android 2.1 and up

Current version – 1.3

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