Share Files Quickly Without Uploading them Anywhere

You want to share files really fast, you generally use one of these methods – you can either attach the files to an email message or you can upload them to a free file hosting services. There are two downside associated with these methods – file size limits (particularly in case email attachment) and time taken in uploading files to server. These procedure are obviously sluggish when you need to send someone an important file as fast as possible.

Unlike other file transfer, some apps and services let you to share files directly from your computer with your friends. Lets explore some of the popular services that will let you to share files quickly over the internet .

Share Data and Files using your Browser

opera uniteWe know, Opera enjoy a great reputation among Mobile browsers. As far as Opera web browser is concerned, they’ve included a new feature called Opera Unite which is really an impressive and useful feature that I’ve seen in a web browser. In a nutshell, it simply convert your opera browser into a web server and establish direct client to client connections for real-time sharing of data and files, so you can now share files in an efficient and fast way and avoid hassles of uploading data or files on the third-party server.

Opera unite offer web server capabilities right in the web browser with more than 20 powerful services which include file sharing, media player to get access to your music collection, media streaming, photo sharing, hosting website from you local computer, chat apps and many more useful services.

Opera unite also take care about privacy by giving you 2 different access rights – Public and Private access or password protected.

To start using Opera unite you must have an Opera account. After you sign up with opera, it provide you a permalink or so called homeaddress similar to “” which you can share over web with other people. This homeaddress basically redirect users to a webpage which lists all the services you are using with opera unite.

Opera team also created a user guide that to help user but if you get stuck anywhere see the video tutorial of opera Unite below.

P2P File Sharing via Browser

P2P file sharing services provide user the fastest way to send files directly to another computer over P2P files sharing servicesweb. Also, you don’t have to pay even a single penny to use these services as most of them are free to use.

The whole sharing  process is very simple, all you do is visit the site, choose the file on your computer that you want to share, and give your friend or colleague a link to download that file.

Some key features of online P2P sharing services – no installation or download, send files large files of any size (not supported by all), no registration required, no need for hosting files, secure and encrypted transfer of files and provide downloads link that you can share publicly or privately with your friends.

These browser-based  P2P services are kept on adding new functionalities for quick file transfer and increasing user experience. For instance, isendr a browser-based P2P service let you send files directly from your desktop to your Android mobile phone with the help of QR Codes. Other expected features include option to resume interrupted transfers which will be added soon ( I hope so ). I use isendr and dushare when I need to send someone an important file quickly.

[*] Both sender and receiver must  be connected and stay online as these apps and services provide real-time sharing of files .

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  1. Manish M. Shah

    Another favorite option is File Apartment ( Easy to use, fast, no software to download or registration, up to 1 GB, free option, safe, and secure.

  2. Ishank Badhani

    @Manish M. Shah
    The user still need to upload files on server with this service.

  3. Mark Robertson

    Excellent advice until now I had either used himanchi for VPN tunneling,this is a much easier process.
    Thanks Again


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