Send Webpage Links to your Inbox with Minimum of Effort

You find a cool website that you want to share with your friend, But how do you send the link to your friend’s inbox with minimum of effort. Here, I am sharing a tip to quickly send website links to inbox.

You are probably familiar with Addthis, a popular web service that provide social bookmarking and sharing buttons for your website. This site also offers a handy way to send website links to people. All you need to do is to get a custom ‘bookmarket’ from their tools page and add it to your browser’s toolbar. When you click this bookmarklet, a small window pops up. This pop-up window consist of icons of social networks or sharing services. Click on ‘more’ and find the ‘Email icon’(1).

addthis pop-up window

When this icon is clicked, a compose window(2) is displayed and a link to the web page you’re viewing is attached with the message body. Add email details and additional text to the message body, and click on the send button. Enter the Captcha code correctly and you are done.  A minute or two later, the link with message arrive in your inbox. Isn’t that so easy !

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