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QR codes are getting popular, especially among mobile phone users as a method of storing and exchanging text information. And now, the popular answer engine WolframAlpha gets into QR code generation.

If you wondering what are QR codes and What they’re for, here is a quick introduction- QR code, or Quick Response code, is a two-dimensional code that is use to store text information such as name, address, URLs etc. Humans eyes can not read the information stored in QR code but anyone with a smartphone can use free QR readers to scan, extract and read the information stored in QR codes with the click of a camera.

Readiing QR code mobile

Users can instantly create a Black- and- White QR code with WolframAlpha and shares information with others. Generating QR code is a single step process- Just type “QR code” and the information you want to be coded. According to WolframAlpha official blog, users can store up to 7kb of data -including phone numbers,email address, plain text and URLs.

Here is an example, where I created a QR code using WolframAlpha to open the link  “” on mobile browsers.

QR code URL

Once the QR code is created, you can embed it into your blog and website, share it on social networks, email to customers and friends or even print on your business card.  For decoding the QR code, use a free QR reader, and point your smartphone at the QR code image to obtain the text information and in above QR the information is a link i.e. The link will be open automatically without typing or speaking.

Tip : If you are planning to use QR code for your small business then don’t forget to guide your customer about QR basics, such as how they extract  information using their phones and  free QR readers for their smart phones– most people are not familiar with QR codes.

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