Use”Paste and Go” in Browsers to Save an Extra Click While Pasting URLs

‘Paste and Go’ is one of those browser features that often goes unnoticed by users. Although this may sound a pointless tip, but sometimes even the little things can  provide […]

ForgetBox: A Simple Tool to Share Documents, Photos and Videos with Your Friends

If you need to send a document, photo or other media to an email address, this free tool makes the process impressively quick and easy. ForgetBox is a handy file […]

Accupix Lets you Pick Color Codes for Any Webpage Element (Chrome)

We all know that good usage of colors makes the site look receptive to the readers. But, if you’re one of those people (including me) with some poor choices of […]

Screenleap Extension lets you Share Screen with your Gmail Contacts

If you’re the tech support person for your company, friends and family, then simplify the process of sharing your screen with Screenleap for Gmail. Screanleap for Gmail is a browser […]

London Olympics 2012 app for Windows Phone

Thanks to London 2012, this season you will able to use your Windows Phone to check the highlights of Olympics and Paralympic sports. London 2012 is a Windows smartphone app […]

Hide Desktop icons, Gadgets, Wallpaper and Taskbar with TrimDesk

trimDesk is a tiny little tool for neatness freaks. It helps you to trim down clutter on your Windows desktop and make your workspace tidy  with just a few clicks. This […]

NeatMouse lets You Control Your Mouse using a Keyboard

Most people are out of luck in the event when their mouse start acting erratically. If you are one of those unlucky people and still mousing around with an inoperative […]

Install and Update Free Software with Soft2Base

If hunting for the best free software is a difficult task for you,  simplify your life by Soft2Base. Soft2Base is a tiny freeware program that makes it easy to download […]