x2ico : Convert any Image to Icon (.ICO) Format

Whether you want to change Folder icons on you PC or the Favicon of your website, x2ico provides an incredibly quick and easy means of converting any image to Icon (.ICO) format. This tiny program can open all the popular image formats- JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF and TIFF,  and lets you create icons in different sizes-

Cortex For Chrome Offers a Simple Way to Share Web Content on Social Networks

You might think there’s nothing existing about sharing tools, and you’d be pretty much correct as there’re plenty of tool already available on the web. Cortex for Chrome, however, is good, not because of the fact it provides you an way to share web content on social network, but the way in which it’s done. Cortex is a

Avira Protection Cloud Detects Malicious Files on Your PC

Avira Protection Cloud is a new program to detect the latest malware threats on your PC. APC offers online security solution, which means that the program search for nasty things affecting your PC performance while keeping itself light on memory. APC is very easy to operate; it’s interface does not have any menus, tools or

Use”Paste and Go” in Browsers to Save an Extra Click While Pasting URLs

‘Paste and Go’ is one of those browser features that often goes unnoticed by users. Although this may sound a pointless tip, but sometimes even the little things can  provide a little extra help. ‘Paste and Go’ is a nice feature that can save you an extra click when pasting a web address in Address

ForgetBox: A Simple Tool to Share Documents, Photos and Videos with Your Friends

If you need to send a document, photo or other media to an email address, this free tool makes the process impressively quick and easy. ForgetBox is a handy file sharing tool that integrate with your system to make file sharing process easier than ever. Once installed, it become available from the right-click context menu

Accupix Lets you Pick Color Codes for Any Webpage Element (Chrome)

We all know that good usage of colors makes the site look receptive to the readers. But, if you’re one of those people (including me) with some poor choices of color, then you may have a fairly off-putting website. Thankfully, tools like Accupix can help you to make your website look pretty. Accupix is Chrome

Screenleap Extension lets you Share Screen with your Gmail Contacts

If you’re the tech support person for your company, friends and family, then simplify the process of sharing your screen with Screenleap for Gmail. Screanleap for Gmail is a browser extension that lets you show your screen to someone else from inside of Gmail. Once you install the extension, it will add new a “Share

London Olympics 2012 app for Windows Phone

Thanks to London 2012, this season you will able to use your Windows Phone to check the highlights of Olympics and Paralympic sports. London 2012 is a Windows smartphone app for sports addicts that provides latest news, schedules and results of all the sports you’d expect to see in Olympics and Paralympic sports. This app