Free SMS India- An Android App that Lives up to its name

If you are a prolific texter who want to save money on SMS messages, then we’re confident enough that you’ll adore this Android app. Free SMS India is an android app that lets you send text messages (SMS) from your phone, anywhere in India, for no cost. The application is quite aptly named- all you

PhoneClean- Windows Application to Free up Space on Your iPhone, iPad or iPod

Junk, cached webpages and temporary files might be small but, they balloon in size over time, and if you don’t delete them on a regular basis, they will quickly eat up space on your device. So if you are running our of space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can reclaim some spaces using

Sublight is a Free Tool to Search and Download Subtitles For Movies and TV Shows

Finding subtitles for movies and TV shows is never easy, and often requires a lot of hassle in searching out different sites, and it also take a lot of time until you find the right subtitle. If you want to save yourself from the tedious process of finding subtitles, then Sublight is defiantly what you

Wapedia: Andorid App to Read Wikis and Online Encyclopedias

Wapedia is a fantastic Android app that puts world’s popular online encyclopedias in your pocket. This free android app pulls articles from online sources such as Wikipedia, Wikitionary, Uncyclopedia and Wikiquotes, and it optimize their display for easy reading for and searching from your mobile phone. When you launch Wapedia, you will see that the

Swifturn Free Video Joiner Combines Multiple Video Files of Various Formats Into One

If you are you looking for a free software to merge short video clips into a single large movie, then Swifturn is the tool for the job. Defiantly one of the best free video joining tool around, Swifturn Free Video Joiner can join and convert multiple video files of different formats into one large file.

Tweet Lanes is an Ice Cream Sandwich Inspired Twitter Client for Android

There is no shortage of Twitter Clients for the Andorid devices, but Tweet Lanes is a new addition to the pack that offers a different style. Tweet Lanes is an intuitive, pretty Twitter Client for Android devices that brings twitter into an attractive ICS inspired interface. It’s a fantastic app for keeping in touch with

Fix “Could Not Find This Item” When Deleting in Windows 7 with DelinvFile

[Quick Tip] If you’re struggling to delete a file which gives you a cryptic and unhelpful error message; “Could not find this item. This is no longer located in X. Verify the item’s location and try again” . Don’t fret, you can forcibly remove that file using the DelinvFile Tool. DelinvFile is a utility designed to get

Clear Extension Lets You Delete Browser History from Right-Click Menu

It’s not difficult to wipe your browsing history at the end of each web session. You can go find options from ‘Tool’ menu or use shortcut key (Ctrl-Shift-Del on Windows). But it takes a few seconds to press the keys combination; you need to use your both hands or leave the mouse in case you