Myfolders – Get Fast Access To Favorite Folders From Right Click Menu

Wouldn’t be nice to have quick access to all the folder you use everyday ? If this sounds a good idea, check out MyFolders, a tiny 994kb Windows extension that makes your frequently used files and folders more easily accessible.


Quick Tour

MyFolders is a handy tool for Windows users that lets you make any folder a permanent part of right-click context menu, thereby making it easier to instantly open folders and copying or moving files to specific destinations on the system.

Add Folder to Right-Click Menu

Once the app get installed, you will see a new entry “MyFolders” within the Windows right-click context menu. To add or remove locations to MyFolders, simply right-click anywhere on the desktop or in a folder, and select ”Add selected/current folder(s)” from Windows context menu. Now that particular folder/destination will appear in the right-click menu under “MyFolders”.


You can also select settings from ‘MyFolders’ context menu, this is where you can add/remove and organize folders.

Copy, Move or Access Items

Select single or multiple items such as shortcuts, files and folders, and then click on “Myfolders”, here you’ll see a new drop down menu for various self-explanatory operations that you can perform on that particular selected item(s). Here is a quick explanation of the operations.

Copy To: Copies all selected files and folders to one of the quick links folders.

Move To: moves files or folders to the target folder.

Go to: Opens the selected folder in Windows Explorer.

Open Command Window in: Opens a command prompt window with the selected folder as the starting path.


Our Verdict :

We tested MyFolders on Windows 7, 32-bit system and we think its much faster than any of old ways of moving items your favorite folders. Instead of opening two Explorer windows or dragging and dropping files and folders, now you can move or copy items just be few clicks. We also think that this tool may be particularly useful, if your Windows Desktop is littered with shortcuts, files and folder, and you need some help to get it organized.

This tiny tool is compatible with all the recent version of Windows OS, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and works in both 32 and 64 bit environments.

Download MyFolders

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