Minus Desktop is Another File Sharing Service

Minus Desktop is a simple, elegant file-sharing tool that share files on online via drag-n-drop operations. The service stores files on Minus.com servers and lets you get at your files quickly, easily, and from virtually any internet enabled device.

Users can download the desktop application at http://minus.com/pages/tools . Installing the application enable an icon that resides on the system tray. You can add files by drag and drop content onto the application’s system tray pop-up panel. Once, uploaded, the item will appear in the program’s timeline window and you can give it a name, make it public or private and share it with others. You can upload as any files you like, provided each one is less than 2GB in size. The best of all you can share any type of media, so be its photo, video, document, PDF or anything.

minus Drag and Drop

Right clicking the system tray icons will show you a context- menu. From the context menu you can access your Minus profile, change settings, go to web interface and take screenshots, which you can publish on web and share to friends or colleagues – even if they don’t use Minus.

Minus Desktop Context Menu

Minus has an easy to use interface that can be access from its system tray icon. Double clicking the tray icon open the main interface allow you do things such as :

  • Access the list of all your uploaded items, get a sharable link, rename or delete them.
  • Change your Minus preferences including proxy and screen capture settings.
  • You can change permission (Private or Public) for each file .
  • Explore gallery, search other Minus users and items uploaded by them.
  • Change hotkey for screen capture.

Minus Main Interface

Minus desktop is a cross-platform app, it works equally smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


There’s no shortage of online file-hosting services. However, in my opinion, Minus ’s an excellent way to back up your files if you need to store files of different types and heavy size. Read all the features of Minus file-hosting service.

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