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Launched last year, Minus (formerly known as Min.us) is one of the newest file-sharing tools, but has quickly become our favorite. So, what is so good about this ? The answer is ‘simplicity, minimalism and ease of use’. While other online storage services and file sharing service pile complexity into their synchronization options and service interface, Minus is just a matter of drag and drop files.

Unlike rival services that clutter each page with ads, Minus has a clean, streamlined interface. When you open Minus’s mostly empty hompage, it encourages you to drag and drop file you want to share right on the browser window. The files are automatically uploaded and placed into a gallery that makes browsing files easy. You can give it a name, edit share URL, make it public or private. You can then share the file URL via Facebook, Twitter or email. Usefully, the recipient can view or play (if it’s an mp3 or video) the file as well as save it to their hard disk. You can also track how many times your files have been viewed or downloaded.

You can share files anomalously – your galleries are tracked via a cookie that is attached to one computer. Or, you can sign up for a free Minus account which not only give you give you 10GB of free storage, but also offer additional 1GB for every referral invited by you. Overall, you can extend you online storage to 50GB, which is very generous. It allow transfer of 2GB per file, which make it ideal for sharing large files such as videos. The files are kept you server for indefinite time unless they are deleted by the uploader.

On the plus side, Minus also offers tools such as apps for Mac, Linux and Windows, extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and apps for iPhone, Android and WIndows Phone.

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Our Verdict

Minus is a brilliant free service for sharing huge files with minimum fuss. We highly recommend you to join it now, and here are the reasons why we think you are going to love it.

» It’s all about sharing anything, anywhere and anytime. You can share any type of media, so be its photo, video, document, PDF or anything, this service would be your first and last destination.

» You can access your uploaded items easily through web-browser and anywhere on iPhone, iPad or android devices.

» Minus is very easy to use, you can simply throw some files and folders into Minus web(or desktop app interface) to uploaded them to the Minus server. You can also send files to Minus server via right-click context menu.

» Similar services keep files for a limited time after their last download. While unlimited time-span for uploaded content and 50GB online storage has made Minus a good choice of backing up your files and keeping them safe for indefinite time. And, the minimum upload limit of 2GB per file is massive.

» Unlike similar services, Minus isn’t blighted by advertising and enforced waiting time and we are pretty sure, you would clean look of its web interface and apps.

»  Undeniably the best feature of Minus is resumable file upload, so you don’t to need to worry of loosing internet connection during large file uploads.

Considering the simplicity and range of tools offered, you’ll find Minus is hard to beat. Sign up for a Minus account

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