Link and Embed a Specific Part of YouTube Videos

Sometimes you want to play video from a specific time, somewhere in the middle- to skip the introduction or other boring part of a video. Thankfully, YouTube allow you to jump to a specific part while embedding YouTube videos.

Skip intro and link to a Specific Time in YouTube Video :

You can directly link to a specific time in YouTube videos. All you have to do is add “#t=AmBs” parameter, where A is the number of  minutes and B is number of seconds you want to jump. For example, If you want to start a video at 1min and 53 sec then append #start=1m53s to the Video URL. Here is a URL of a Michael Jackson song  in which we skipped to the part, when Michael start his live performance,

To Embed a Part of  YouTube Video :

Say you want to show someone the special part /snip of a video. By adding “start” parameter, you can specify a starting point for YouTube videos in the embed code. The following code allow you to embed video in webpages and these videos will start at a time chosen by you. .

<iframe title="YouTube video player width="425" height="344" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The output video of this code is given below where you skipped to the part, when Brian Cooley start counting the best Android phones in the market.


Easiest way to Cut, Link & Embed YouTube video :

If you are a looking for an easy copy’n’paste way, SnipSnip offer an online tool to split YouTube video to any specific timeframe. It give you a permanent link for snipped video to share with others and code to embed snipped video into your  webpage. Similar website – Splicd.

There is a website called YouTube Chop that enable you to cut, share and embed Parts from YouTube. In contrast to SnipSnip and Splicd, the YouTubeChop provide their own video player which automatically show only the part of the video you are interested to share with others.

How does it work ?

1.)  Copy and Paste the URL of a YouTube Video into anyone of these services. 2.) To cut the interesting part from video, enter  the Start Time and  End Time for the video 3.) Wait for few seconds until these free YouTube video cutter process your video. 4.) Get a permanent link  to share that video with others. You are done, Isn’t that so easy.

Go to SnipSnip | Splicd | YouTubeChop

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