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The ability to type and use a computer keyboard is an essential skill for every computer user. Learning to touch-type(use keyboard without looking at keys) isn’t difficult, but takes a lot of practice. I often recommend TypingWeb for anyone who wants to become a touch typist or just a better typist.Typing WebTypingWeb is an online program that help you to learn and improve keyboard typing skills. It’s one of the best online typing tutors on today’s Internet. The online program’s interface is plain and intuitive that help you to learn about proper finger placement and keyboard keys.

The program offers lessons of varying difficulty, and keeps track of your progress so you can see how well you’re doing. The program is designed to have two main functions. Firstly to teach you the basics of horizontal touch typing with a series of exercise, and  to allow you to improve your typing progressively with a series of word and sentence exercises.

The program exhibits a good pictorial presentation of the keyboard and hands that show which finger you need hit for each key. The program is free to use and no registration required to use it. However, registering for an account lets you save your progress, get rid of the ads, access additional content, and you can compete with other register members for your place in the hall of fame. Overall, the program is designed for everyone ranging from novice users to keyboard jockeys.


The program is highly recommended for all those untrained typists who are using two fingers which look for the key and then hit it. Typing speed can usually be significantly increased if users will just practice consistently. You will become proficient in typing by muscle memory(without looking) only after if you spend some time each day on TypingWeb (I used to spend 25 minutes a day). The effect of regular use will be gradual, and as you get more used to the program you will begin to use it faster and faster.

TypingWeb Homepage, just open it up and start typing !

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