How to Install and Manage Extensions in Safari Browser

Whether or not Safari lives up to the hype of being the faster browser on earth, its defiantly delivers Apple’s traditional eye candy for both Mac  and PC users. But, now we have extensions for Safari which make it’s more than just a beautiful browser. Although Safari doesn’t offer as many add-ons as Firefox, but there are thousands of great extensions to add extra feature and functionality to the browser. In this tutorial, we point you in the direction of installing and managing extension in Safari browser.

Customize Safari Browser with Extensions

1.) First, you need to enable extension in Safari. You can find the options through Preferences > Extensions. Once you turn on extensions, you will see an extensions pane(2) which lets you manage all the extensions you have installed.

turn on safari extension

exntensions panne safari

2) Finding Extensions for safari is easy. To view extensions available for Safari, just click  the “Get extension”  button on Extension pane. When you click on this button, a webpage will open providing a list of extensions, including descriptions and instructions for downloading and installing them. You can install new extension by clicking green “ Install  Now” button.

Safari extensions

3. Once the extension has been installed, a dedicated button may appear on your Safari toolbar or a new option may added to the Right- Click context menu.

4. On Extensions pane, all your installed extensions  are listed. From here you can disable, enable and uninstall an extension, and open its settings. And, If updates are available, an indicator appears at the bottom of the list.

manage safari Extensions

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