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Gmail has now grown to be ubiquitous. Almost every all of us have a Gmail account and in most cases, it’s our primary email address. If like me, you are an enthusiastic Gmail user, you would appreciate Gmail Pokki- a tiny app that brings Gmail seamlessly to your desktop and provide a great way to access your inbox. Loyal Innolea reader may be feeling a sense of déjà vu at this point because we reviewed Pokki back in January this year. For new readers, here is the quick overview to get started.

Pokki is a collection of small apps-or Pokkies- that bring your favorite web services seamlessly to your Desktop. The Pokkies are lightweight apps and take only fewer than five seconds to download. Install an app via Pokki and an icon for that service will appear on the Taskbar, along with one for Pokki itself (acorn icon), which you can use to add other apps. Clicking an icon will then open a mini version of that service and if you click anywhere out of a Pokki app window, the app returns to the Taskbar. Pokki is free and available now for Windows 7 only.

Gmail Pokki look like the familiar browser-based Gmail environment. Reading Gmail through this app is pretty basic. Click on the icon and you get a pop-up dialog box which shows your inbox, drafts, trash and sent folders. From this dialog box, you can easily compose and send emails, read unread messages, and get access to draft, labeled and starred items. You can also mark spam, save email to draft, add star or labels, move emails, and open a browser window to go straight to your email.


The app has a powerful  inbuilt search box that will search for your search terms in inbox, trash, draft and recycle bin folders.  Another interesting feature of Gmail Pokki is the real-time notification. Most of us have our Gmail inbox open in one of the tabs. Still, it becomes painful to keep shuffing between what you’re doing currently and checking email. Fortunately, the Gmail Pokki let you check your mail without ever leaving the window you’re currently on.pokkiA little white number will appear on the icon corner to notify you of new messages and updates.


This is a lightweight app and does not require large resources. Best of all, it work smooth even if you’re are on an unreliable or slow connection. So, if you’re looking for a better Gmail experience and want to increase your productivity, this app is a real-time saver. The few drawbacks of  Gmail Pokki- yes there are some- more advanced features such as support for multiple accounts and email attachment are missing in this release.

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