Fix Expired Certificate Problem In Nokia Symbian Phones

Many Symbian users experience installation problems with mobile apps-most notably with software certificate validity. In this article, you will find an easy fix to “Expired Certificate” error in the Nokia Symbian phones (S60v5 and Symbian^3).

Quick Overview

Certificate errors are very common in Symbian phones. The certificate errors are caused because of the security measures introduced into the new version of Symbian mobile OS, disallowing installation of old applications and invalid certificates. Each application for Symbian has a certificate, typically valid for six months from the date of issuing. When this time period over, your app will start displaying  “Expired Certificate” which is what blocks these apps from installing.

Fix Expired Certificate Error

Your first option is patience: most developers can and will update their apps to be compatible with your latest firmware, but you never know how long will it take.

Fortunately, there’s a way to bypass Application compatibility check. Sign4ever is a simple application to solve the “Expired certificate” problem. Using this app is super easy which we show you in two easy steps.

a) First, download  Sing4ever on your PC. Copy the incompatible application (.sis or .sisx file) and Sing4ever  in the same folder. Run Sing4ever and follow the instruction that appear on blue screen- you just have to press any key to continue.

b) After you press any of your key, the blue screen will disappear and you will see two files in your folder- Signed.sis and .BAK . Just rename this Signed.sis file to the original app name. You are done ! Just copy this file in your Nokia phone for installation.Sign4ever Nokia

Certificate error Nokia

I’ve fixed certificate issue for one of my favorite free PDF reader app, AlternateReader. The application now working like a breeze.

From now, you can easily make application certificate, valid for the next 20 year ! A word of warning, however: while some or all of your “incompatible” apps may indeed install and run just fine on your mobile, there’s a potential downside: one or more rouge apps might wreak havoc, preventing the phone from running properly. So, make sure you are installing app developed by a  trusted source/developer.

Author:  Ishank Badhani  Dec 2, 2011


  • It doesn’t work man… problem indicated showing that ‘access denied, can’t install this application’

    • Which app were you trying to install on  your Handset ?

  • it doesn’t give me expiry certificate anymore but it started to give me “UNABLE TO INSTALL A PROTECTED APPLICATION FROM AN UNTRUSTED SUPPLIER!:(

    thank you !

    • Hello,
      In the last line, I already mentioned that make sure you are installing app developed by a trusted source or developer. Can you tell me which apps are you trying to install on your handset ? 
      P.S. if you find a suitable app according to your need –

    • you should never exit the blue screen wait till it disapears and try

  • It did not work with me. I followed all the steps as you have mentioned but at the end after installation when I tried to run the app, it gave same message of “Expired!” I am trying to install “prayertime_4dwxft8s.sis”.

  • Thanks dude worked like a charm.

  • Dude!!! Thank Youu Sooo fking  Much maaan!!! damn …serached for months to fix this crap and finally …!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • thanks bro, it helped me a lot

  • excuse me which folder in the phone should I copy this signed.sis file to?

    • Hello,

      you can copy that signed.sis either on your phone memory or memory card. I recommend you first to rename the signed.sis to the actual application name (like facebook.sis, twitter.sis) and then send this file to a folder in your memory card. 

  • THX ))) 


  • hey man i tried ur way and same result expired certificate

    am trying to install 1legcall app its voip

  • thankyou! you saved my life! im using c6-00 and the f*ck i’ve been looking for the solution for almost a week. thanks to you bro!

  • THANKS A LOT!!!!

  • excellet worked like a charm

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