Firefox Add-ons to Improve and Enhance Browsing Experience

Add-ons and plug-in are consider as  the main factor behind  the success of Mozilla Firefox . We’ve complied a list  of best rated Firefox Add-ons that will enhance your browsing experience and productivity. You would surely love these add-ons and good part  is that they are small in size and get installed in few seconds .


A web development tool that show the elemental structure of page and allows modification to it. You can clean up websites by removing pages like navigation bar, advertisements and isolate other elements of a webpage prior to printing.

Adblock Plus

This add-on block advertisements on a webpage. Its very useful to avoid accidental click on your own AdSense ads and to block distracting pop-up ads.


Easy to share a link or webpage over 30+ social networking websites . You can also email your favorite links to your friends in few seconds, without logging to any of yours email accounts

Auto pager

Autopager is a timer-saver add-on that auto loads the next page of a website when you reach the end of the a page.


ColorZilla gives you the ability to quickly get the color code (hex value) of any element of a website. Also See- ColorZilla Alternative .

Creative common

Finding non copyrighted content  is not easy, this search plugin is a god -send for users who are searching for creative common-licensed content. This search engine quickly integrate on your Firefox and  find content that you can use on your website with no restrictions.


A social bookmarking and annotation service to collect, share online content. Read about Features of Diigo tools.


A browser based download manager and accelerator that enable to pause and resume downloads at any time as well as increase download speed.


As the name says, this add-on  is to increase performance of  Firefox browser and let you browse the web really fast.


A secure open source add-on that adds full FTP client capabilities in your Firefox browser and let you access your FTP servers.


Provides an user friendly (drag and drop ) interface to upload and download files to and from various popular websites such as, Flickr, Youtube, Picasa, Photobucket, Facebook and RapidShare.

Font finder

What font is that ? This Firefox extension tell you the answer. You can quickly identify font family of the selected text on a webpage.


Send and receive status updates to multiple social networking sites in real time. Supported services: Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, and delicious .


This add-on allow web designer to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript of any webpage in real- time.


An user scripts manager that allow users to install their scripts in order to make changes to HTML webpages.

Inform enter

It provide you a convenient way to fill out web forms. It adds a small, clickable icon next to every input field in a web form, from where you can select the item to be inserted. Before you use Inform enter, you need to configure it with your name, email, address, phone number and other details.


Easiest way to check the links on a webpage that carrying do follow or no follow attributes. On a webpage dofollow links get highlighted with blue color and  nofollow  with red color.

Read Later Fast

An user scripts manager that allow users to install their scripts in order to make changes to HTML webpages. You can also synchronize saved items with online services such as Diigo and also synchronize them to other computers,  Android devices, iPad, and iPhone

Resurrect Pages

It display pages linked by broken links( or dead pages) using cached pages from sites such as CoralCDN, Google Cache, Yahoo! Cache, The Internet Archive, MSN Cache, Gigablast and  WebCite


Capture screenshot of a complete  webpage then save it locally on your PC.

SEO Book Toolbar

A complete SEO tool by SEOBook that help your website to get a big jump on SEO. You can analyze all the important aspects of SEO : On page optimization, Off page optimization, Link building, Keyword research, backlinks etc.

Site information tool

It brings you comprehensive details on Ranking, On page SEO factors, Links information, Domain whois record, Cached pages, IP address, ISP and Network information.

Password Exporter

It make really to export and import passwords of your online accounts

PDF download

It let users to convert and share as high-quality PDF files from Firefox browser.

Web developer tool

A must have add-on for web developer. This is an all- in one tool to perform everything on a webpage. I highly recommended it

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