Facebook Messenger – Chat and Notifications App For Windows

Facebook chat is highly addictive especially when you have hundreds of friends. But, using it within browser is quite cumbersome. Thankfully, Facebook has launched an application called Facebook Messenger app that lets you chat with your online friends and read your Facebook news feeds and notifications.

The Facebook Messenger is designed to save your time, with this app you can stay connected to Facebook chat, friend requests and news feeds, right from your desktop without having to leave your browser open. The first time you use it, you are prompted to login Facebook through your browser. The beauty of the official app lies in its simplicity ; the app compact view display your contacts list and 3 icons at the top of interface which indicate friends request, messages and notifications. It has few handy features such as tabbed chat windows and real–time pop-up notification. And, like any other desktop IM application, it minimize to the system tray when it’s not in use.

facebook messenger screenshot

If you are an addictive social networker, this app worth a try. But, it has its limitation. For example, the app only support 32-bit version of Windows 7 and you can’t change your availability status directly from the application interface. It also lacks functionalities such as privacy settings, VOIP and video chat. Since the Facebook Messenger is in early stage, hopefully, the Facebook developers will learn from feedbacks and make further tweaks to the application in future.

Download app from here.

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  1. Avi Raks

    When i want to chat with a online friends via Facebook messenger but one massage shows “Change your availability settings before sending messages.” please told me how i change my availability?

    1. Ishank Badhani

      First of all, I would suggest you to update or download latest FB messenger by clicking this link http://on.fb.me/z4UfA8

      To change your availability status on FB messenger see this screenshot http://i.imgur.com/EYd6R.png. Also make sure that you have changed availability status  on Facebook chat http://i.imgur.com/CwWrK.png


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