Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts, Smileys and Emoticons


Facebook has numerous shortcuts that let you navigate the website without touching a mouse. Here we are sharing great pair of shortcuts for Facebookers who prefer to keep their finger on their keyboard and off their mouse.

Facebook’s keyboard shortcuts vary slightly between browser and operating system. Each use a different ‘modifier key’, which is the first part of shortcut. The modifier key are followed by a command, which is the second part of shortcut.  If you are using Chrome and Windows, the modifier is Alt, while for Firefox, its Alt + Shift. If you use Internet Explorer, you’ll need to press ALT and other shortcut key simultaneously, and then press Enter for the shortcut to work.

If you are on a Mac, you need to add Ctrl+Option to each of the shortcut commands. While using Firefox on Mac, press Function+Ctrl with the different commands.

Here are the modifier keys combination for different browsers :-

Firefox modifier: Shift + Alt + #(*command)
Chrome modifier: Alt + #
Internet Explorer: Alt + #
Opera modifier: Alt + #
Safari modifier: Alt + #

Firefox modifier: Control + #
Chrome modifier: Control + Option + #
Safari modifier: Control + Option + #
Opera modifier: Control + Option + #

The Commands (or second part) that can be used with the modifier keys :-

Pressing the modifier key and the question mark moves your cursor to Facebook’ search Box. Its Alt+? in Chrome and for Firefox its Alt+Shift+M.

Pressing the modifier key with M opens a new Facebook message.

Pressing modifier key with 1 takes you to your news feed.

2 facebook emoticons
Pressing modifier key with 2 takes you to your profile page.

Pressing modifier key with 3 opens up friend requests page.

Pressing modifier key with 4 opens up the message dialog box.

Pressing modifier key with 5 show you the notification dialog.

Pressing modifier key with 6 takes you to your accounts settings.

Pressing modifier  key with 7 open your privacy settings page.

Pressing modifier key with 8 opens up Facebook’s official fan page.

Press modifier key with 9 for Facebook’s statement of rights and responsibilities agreement.

Press modifier key and 0 to open Facebook’s Help Center.

[Note] When using number commands, you have to use numbers above the Qwerty keyboard, not those on the number pad.

Another feature that we like here at Facebook is that Facebook chat support  different sets of smileys and emotions. These little icons can be produced by typing shortcut code into Facebook chat. At the moment, there are 26 smiley faces and emoticons which we have listed in the picture above (see the full size picture by clicking on it).

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