Essential Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are much speedier than using a mouse. And, in this article we are sharing time saving keyboard shortcuts for Google Reader so you can access your favorite features faster than ever.  google reader

1. A key – add a new feed

2. J key –  read next item in the list

3. = key – increase font size (or magnification)

4. = key – decrease font size (or magnification)

5. K key – read previous item in the list

6. N key – scan down in list view. It selects the next item without opening it

7. P key – scan up in list view. Its selects the previous item without opening it

8. O or Enter key – expand and  collapse the selected item in the list

9. M key – mark items as read or unread

10. Shift + M – mark all items as read

11. 1 key – switch to Expanded view. It expand all the items of the list

12. 2 key – switch to List view. Collapse all the items of the list

13. S key – use to star an item

14. T key – use to tag an Item

15. E key – to email an feed item with your friends.

16. V key – to view original website

17. U key –  Toggle the Sidepane

18. Shift + N – next subscription or folder (Left Sidepane)

19. Shift + P – previous subscription or folder (Left Sidepane)

20. Shift + X- expand folder (Left Sidepane)

21. Shift + O – open subscription or folder (Left Sidepane)

22. R key – to refresh feed items

23. / key – move cursor to search box

24. G + H – go to homepage

25. G + A – go to ‘all items’ section

26. G + S – go to ‘starred items’ section

27. G + T – open tag selector to access the tags easily

28. G+ U – open subscription selector which allow users to easily access their subscribed feeds.

29 [Quick Tip] ? Key – pressing question mark ( ? ) display most useful Google Reader Shortcuts .

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