Clover 2 : Add Chrome Browser Like Tabs to Windows Explorer

In a similar manner to Tab Explorer, Clover 2 brings tabbed interface to Windows Explorer. With its ability to add Chrome browser like tabs to Windows Explorer, this tool is defiantly a contender.

Tabs are neatly arranged on the top for quick and easy access of different directories/folders. There are bunch of keyboard shortcuts that will make you experience more efficient: Ctrl + T to open new tabs, Ctrl + W close tabs and  Ctrl + Tab to switch tabs.

Clover 2 - Add Tabs to Windows Explorer

Arguably the most pleasing feature Clover 2 is its ability to add a bookmark bar in your windows explorer to help you quickly access your favorite tabs.

Bottom Line. Clover 2 is a clever solution for those users who want to switch directories with minimal effort. We think its worth a try.

Download Clover 2 | Freeware, All Windows

* We’ve tested Clover 2 (v 2.0.121) on a Windows 7 PC.

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  1. Vishesh Arora

    Its an awesome application and I must say one of the most important for those who have lots of data distributed in different drives and folders. It helps me a lot for copying and managing files and folders. And Yes! the Bookmark feature is indispensable and comes handy when we have a particular folder to open everyday.

  2. ??


  3. Jani

    Is there any problem of installing Clover3 ? I mean any malware or threat attack the files through? Please give me reply.

    1. Ishank Badhani (Post author)

      Hi Jani,

      No. You can install it from here.


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