Chrome Application for Writing Notes

Soon after release of browser-based app store, the Chrome Web Store, a lot of useful and handy apps are adding to the web store. I gave a try to a Chrome app called Quick Note which I found a time saving application and a real productivity booster for bloggers and webmaster.

Lets explore situations where you can use this application to enhance your productivity and browsing experience.

Research Work with Google Chrome

Content Research is really one of the tedious task for an internet user. You have to go through hundreds of websites and forums to find quality content or important piece of information.

Content research for your website and school homework or project made easy with this application. This app is easier and faster to use and lets you quickly jot down notes with few click or just by drag and drop operations. It provide a neat interface where you can have one click access to your notes.

Maintain To-Do Lists on the Chrome Browser with QuickNote

This Chrome application is really useful for getting things done. You can use it as a simple to do list system for writing and managing to do lists. As this Chrome application save notes on local computer, which means that you can still access your  to-do list even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

add to do list chromeadd notes chrome

Features of Quick Note

You can either add personal note directly to app or add content from websites, blog or forum from right click menu. You can add notes and reorder tasks just by dragging and dropping into the Note pan.

Quick note will be definitely worth playing with cloud based services such as Google docs, Dropbox , Diigo or And, good news is that the app developers are going to integrate these cloud based services very soon.

Let us know what you think of Quick Note in the comments.

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