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DigitalOcean – Cheap and Reliable VPS Hosting Solution

Choosing your first VPS hosting can be a tricky business, because you need to decide how much to spend and what kind of features to have. If you are setting up a new website, or your just want to upgrade your hosting plan from shared to a VPS, DigitalOcean is a useful place to start.

Boost Social Sharing and Increase Visitors Engagement with AddThis Smart Layers

Recognizing the importance of visitors engagement, encouraging floating social buttons, and growing numbers of smartphone and tablet users, it turns out that AddThis has added a whole bunch of sharing features to its new tool, AddThis Smart Layers. This new tried-and-true sharing tool promises to improve traffic and engagement by just adding a single line

Create Gmail Filter to Automatically Send Junk Mails and Newletters to Trash Folder

Is your inbox becoming ridiculously cluttered with Junk emails and Spams? If so, why not send  them to their right place (i.e. trash ) using the Gmail filter. This useful Gmail feature lets you auto-delete all the incoming messages from a specific sender. Here’s how: Step 1 : Open a junk message, click More, and

Export All Posts URLs and Titles From Your WordPress Blog to Excel Sheets

By default, WordPress gives you ability to export all your blog data to an XML file. But the only thing it misses is the ability to export post data in CSV or Excel format. Thankfully, developers around the world are working on plug-ins that can extend the capabilities of WordPress based blogs and websites. For

Google Reader Shutting Down, Alternatives for RSS Feed Lovers

By now you’ve heard the news that Google will shutdown its news aggregator service on July first.  It’s a sad news for bloggers, journalists and news junkies. I love the way Google Reader fetch all the latest headlines for me and aggregate them in an easy-to-read layout, to some extent, it would be sad to

CloudMe- Online File Storage Service

CloudMe is yet another cloud-storage service for backing up files, sharing photos and streaming music. Install the service on your PC, and it adds a virtual folder on your desktop and in your favorite lists. The folder acts just as any other folders except that it automatically upload and sync the files that you put

Stop Google Analytics from Tracking Your Own Visits [Browser Add-on]

Google Analytics never stops collecting and presenting data, provided that you’ve tracking code installed on your website. If you’re webmaster running eCommerce website, blog or any web service, you probably need to track your profitable visitors excluding your own visits and the related metrics. And if you making decisions about your website based on wrong metrics, there will always

Paytm : Recharge Your Mobile Phone Balance Online [India]

Lets face it – there’s nothing more annoying than running out of talk time credits in your cell phone, and then rushing towards the retailer shop to get a prepaid or postpaid voucher. And don’t forget the struggle you face to remember those multitude of plans and deals that telecom companies offer. Most of the