Block Annoying Ads in Chrome, Firefox and Safari Browsers

In some way, online ads are brilliant program that enables you to see all sorts of great content on the web. However, there are web pages that tend to drive us crazy with lots of banner ads, pop-ups, flashing flash ads or adverts that expand to block our view completely. Fortunately, you can fix these intrusive and obstructive ads by installing free ad-blocking browser extensions.
block online adsAdblock (for Chrome and Safari) and Adblock Plus (for Firefox and Chrome) are free browser extension that automatically block banner ads, pop-ups and most other form of adverting. They remove ads from the pages you are viewing, leaving a clean white space in their place.

However, both the extensions block ads on any website or web page unless you choose to display. But, they does an admirable job of disabling inline text ads within  videos so you don’t need to wait around to watch sites like YouTube and Hulu.

Once you install any of these two extension in your browser, a small icon will appear either on your navigation toolbar or your status bar. This little icon is very useful as it lets you customize certain sites and pages (like or whatever the URL is) to show their ads, but keep all others blocked.

I recommend these extensions to everyone, for smoother, faster and less cluttered web-browsing experience.

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