Get Ideas to Write Fresh and High Quality Content for your Blog

Time to write a new post but you don’t know what you’re going to write about on your blog.

After choosing best niche for a blog and posting about hundreds of articles, most of the blogger face difficulties in finding new fresh ideas on a regular basis. We know, pro-blogging is all about writing creative and valuable content but writing creative articles does not mean you have to generate content by yourself. John Jantsch and Ben Clark has two excellent tips on how to write blog posts.

Discover the exact phrases people in your market are using when they search and write valuable content around that and people will find your blog before they know your competitors exist.

Inspiration from other sources is what creativity is all about. It seems that many people believe creativity involves pulling a completely brand new idea out of thin air. In truth, creativity is an adaptive process that consists of looking at the same existing thing everyone else is and thinking about it differently.

Based on the above statements, pro- blogging can be summarized as do research then write in a creative manner what people search . If you have content nobody else has, you would expect to be paid for your content from advertisers and  people interested in reprinting any of the content from your blog.

And to find rich and compelling content for your blogs or websites, the following  web tools and resources will help you to getting your blog to the next level with fresh and unique content ideas :

1.) Quora : Quora is a Q&A forum. Unlike Yahoo Answers, Quora provide fast search engine indexing, low spamming, really rich high quality content and continually improving questions and answer.  To get blog content idea just follow few topics of your interest on search box on the top, and  you would always expect something new on it. You can follow specific questions, topics, or people and read all the updates related to them on your home page. One thing I love about Quora is it show updates and notifications in real-time like Facebook.

quora home

On Quora, you will find that high-profile people are quite active in social networking on Quora, just imagine how better would it be when a company’s CEO answer to your question.  To illustrate, someone has asked  on Quora about declination in the quality of lifehacker posts since its former Editor Gina Trapani left. I don’t think that anyone can give the best answer than Gina Trapani herself. One of my friend define Quora as the “Club of Elites”  where you meet knowledgeable  people who are excel on a particular area.

Quora is a great community-sourced site for gathering most relevant answers to your question and it would  be a huge success in the near future. This website is a good knowledge booster for users and quite helpful in checking out topics that you never even knew existed.  I have been using Quora for about a week and it’s very addictive. We are giving out 10 invites, drop a comment below and you must enter a valid email in the box, we will send you a Quara Invitation right away .

2 ) Twitter : Twitter is one of the great marketing tool for networking and driving traffic to a website thereby enhancing your business growth. Twitter is a fast and easy way to get content idea for your blog or website. You can use Twitter as research tool – just follow users, official blogs and websites as they share valuable information and useful tips. You can search keywords on twitter real-time search to keep track of latest  updates and news around on the web. I often use Twitter related website such as Tweetmeme, a complete list of  services to getting most out of Twitter is available on Wikipedia .

3) Facebook  Fan pages and Groups : Facebook is a hugely popular website for keeping up with friends. The brands, businesses and corporations are using it as marketing tool by creating Fan pages and Groups. Just follow the brands and companies relevant to your niche to get access to exclusive tips, policies, news and information.

4) Google alerts : Google alerts let you track News, Blogs, Google web search and couple of other Google services via email alerts. Google alert  provide one of the quickest way to monitor  topics of your interest.

5) Newsletter Subscription : Newsletter allows me to get  latest update, offers and policy issue from a popular website to my inbox  via email. I have subscribe various tech newsletter which give me relevant and timely information on a daily basis. I suggest subscribing multiple sources of information especially online tech magazines and news websites to get a large variety of niche relevant information,.

6) Feed reader : Feed reader keep me updated on my  favorite websites. Feed reader provide quick and efficient way to read news and weblogs. I have subscribed RSS feeds of many blogs that help me to quickly scan my favorite bloggers. Best thing about Google reader- it’s a very powerful online tool and rarely crashed. As an added bonus, there is a neat and fast mobile friendly version of Google Reader that allow me to read feeds content anywhere on a smart phone. Google reader also let you find websites similar to the one you have subscribed (see screenshot).

Suggestion on Google reader

There are  many standalone application software such as FeedDaemon (windows),NetNewsWire (mac) and RSSOwl (Linux), e-mail programs such as Live Mail and almost all the web browsers have the ability to display RSS feeds.

7) Social Bookmarking : Social Bookmarking is a popular way to spread your website links which then have massive effect  on your traffic (* read about Digg effect and Slashdot effect ). As the Social bookmarking offers a pool of high quality  links (content)  from all around the web at one place and it makes finding ideas for your own site’s content really easy. I prefer using social bookmarking website such as Digg, Delicious and Reddit.

8.) News Aggregators : News aggregation website like Google News provide an efficient way to get all kind of news and information around the world. Users can easily filter content with the help of categories.

9) Forums and Groups : Forums are extremely beneficial for a webmaster because forums allow users to explore topics deeply and one can gain magnificent knowledge and experience. Few recommended forums for tyro bloggers : Digital Point Forums, SitePoint Forums, SE Watch Forums and  SEO Chat. Apart from these forums, become an active member of official support forums of several applications software, system software, gadgets and web services, these forums are quite useful for finding content  such as how to guides, tutorials, troubleshooting and tips.

10) Photo Sharing Websites :  We heard pictures says more than mores and you can get inspiration even  from the pictures. I use some well known photo sharing websites such as Flickr, DeviantART, Photobucket and Picasa to find unique icons, logos, fonts  photography and artwork. I have published few articles (like this one) which i found useful in driving search engine traffic because of uniqueness, the webmasters rarely focus on photos and pictures.

11) SlideShare : I define SlideShare as YouTube of  PowerPoint presentations and documents website where you can share PowerPoint presentations with people online. It’s a great website to get idea for content because a big community of users use SlideShare to promote business and  to demonstrate products or services to clients. Other notable websites similar to Slideshare – Scribd  and Issuu.

12) YouTube : Writing articles on videos is very simple and it doesn’t take long time at all.  Find interesting videos on YouTube by subscribing official channels of services relevant to your niche, embed video in a post and add a little discussion about it.

13) Wikipedia articles and  references : Wikipedia is considered as a plentiful stock of information. I found Wikipedia (*especially the reference section) is pretty useful if  you want to put fresh new ideas on your home page .

wikipedia references

14) Keyword Suggestion for Topic Ideas : There are tools like  Word tracker, Google Trends, and Google wonder wheel that help me to find out what’s in-demand. I easily get  list of new search terms that are often searched for by my target readers. Hence, I can get idea for content creation as well as content optimization.
15)  PDF and eBooks : If you don’t bother paying few bucks then purchase eBooks from amazon or Google Books. Now, I would like to point out something , there are a slew of books on Google Book  whose pages are available for preview. So, you can ideas from books without paying a single penny.

Other methods: Read books, magazines and newspapers as you will find enormous wealth of information on almost every subject, Discover Post ideas with mind mapping and you should  follow your competitors and find out which content their eyes are missing.

By the way, if you are using some other techniques that we have not mentioned above, do share with us.

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