11 Best Mobile Websites You Should have Bookmarked

The mobile phones industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world with millions of  mobile phone subscribers. The mobile devices such as smarts phones ( iPhones, Android-based devices, and the Symbian handsets), PDAs and tablets are becoming more popular  among people for accessing the Internet. These devices have become our personal assistants, through which everything is now at the fingertips of anyone who has access to the Internet.

In this post, we’ve made a list of mobile websites that every smartphone and tablet user should bookmark to have “The Full Internet Experience” on mobile devices.

1. Google Reader Mobile


Not every smartphone has robust app for feed reading. For example, you don’t find a good 3rd party RSS Reader for Nokia smartphones, the best option is still Google Reader.

Google Reader’s mobile-optimized interface is the fastest way to track headlines and content  from your favorite blogs and news websites. Google reader mobile is a stripped down but a highly functional version of the web version which enables you to get the latest news on all your interests and trending topics.

The site looks simple but don’t go with its design as it’s hiding really powerful features. No matters if you don’t have a 3G or Wi-Fi supported device, the site works well on a slow connection. Google Reader mobile site detect the UI and limitations of individual devices and adjust to itself automatically.  The site does not compromise with the feed content – while reading feeds, you will see all the images posted in an article on a website. It opens RSS feed link just like standard web interface – you will be easily directed to the full article as a feed link expand into a full article in real-time when you click on it. The site supports  touchscreen phones and  scrolling through feeds is very smooth like fluid.

The best thing about Google reader’s mobile version is that you can customize  reader experience to suit your taste. The new mobile version offers various customization features that were previously only available on the web version. Features include support for ‘liking’, tagging, sharing with Google contacts and other people via email, sorting feeds by oldest/newest, update all feeds with single command and adding topics to favorite by clicking on star.

2. Wapedia


Wikipedia is one of the most visited website in the world. There is an official mobile friendly  version of the Wikipedia website at mobile.wikipedia.org. But, we find out that Wapdeia break down Wikipedia articles into a nice, readable format for your small screen.

Wapedia present a wiki in a long single page or divide into less number of pages than Wikipedia mobile site. Users can easily navigate various kind of wikis such as Wikipedia, Wikitionary and Wikiquote (complete list here). All content is presented in a neat manner divided into different categories, easily accessible from a single page which is featuring categories. The pages are optimized for smartphones, PDAs and tablets. and website automatically detects the best format for each devices. Wapedia display well on any Java, Symbian (J2ME), Windows Mobile, Blackberry phones and Google Android.

Bonus point: Support for more than 100 languages. Link: http://wapedia.mobi/

3. Digg Mobile


Digg is a popular website to find out the popular and trending topics on the web. The website takes full use of the large screen display of your mobile devices and offers much of the same functionality as of the main website.

The mobile site lets you browse through different topics and media, digg your own stories, up vote/down vote other stories, view and  post comments.  The mobile version is not loaded with excessive scripts and codes thus loads faster and needs less bandwidth than the regular page. You can also add stories, comment , vote and add  Favorites while logged in. Just as on Digg, you can navigate tabs and browse popular stories in the last 24 hours. There is also an icon on the top right side, a windows appear by clicking the icon that  allow you to filter items ( image, video, stories etc.).

Link: http://m.digg.com/

4. Quora Mobile


Quora is one of my favorite website that I visit on a daily basis because of the valuable information are contributed to and categorized on Quora. For the sake of the people who haven’t heard of it – Quora  is social question-and-answer site like Yahoo Answer and  Stack Exchange. How Quora is different from the previous Q&A site, here are the answers.

I have a really great experience with Quora and I believe that it’s a final destination for all those people who wants insightful answer to questions about the topics they are interested in. The main plus point of Quora over other Q&A sites is that on Quora you get answers by the knowledgeable people. While sites like Yahoo answers,  quality of the question and answers are diluted by a slew of immature users and spammers. Just imagine how good would it be when CEOs, eminent gurus, professional, experts or  pro- bloggers give answer to your question- this is what happening on Quora. Thus, one of my friend define Quora as the community of elites.

And now, there is a good news for Quora addicts. Quora team has launched a mobile-friendly interface of the website that get displayed after auto detecting your mobile browser. The new mobile version contain a search bar and a quick navigation on the top for accessing all the operations that you need to use Quora. Users can use search bar to find  topics and question, they are interested in. The navigation just below the search bar provide you options to add questions, show notifications in real time, inbox  for messages and a more section which has options for  free invitation for other people and uncategorized questions.

Sidenote : we are giving out 10 invites, drop a comment below and you must enter a valid email in the box, we will send you a Quora Invitation right away .

5. YouTube Mobile

Youtube Mobile

The new mobile version of YouTube, enable users to watch videos seamlessly on any device that has Flash or HTML5 capabilities. YouTube mobile support better-quality video, an improved user interface and  touch friendly elements.

With YouTube mobile, it’s really easier to make comment, add favorites, rate new videos, choose between normal or high quality playback and adding video as bookmarked web pages. User can play videos with- in browser or stream to real player app installed on mobile device. To enjoy videos on your mobile, head over to m.youtube.com. Also watch a brief promotional video demonstrating the features of YouTube mobile.

6. Google AdSense Mobile


There is a mobile-optimized version of AdSense website, enabling publisher to view reports on their mobile phones. Publishers can view earning reports and get important alerts in a simpler and faster interface of AdSense. Go to www.google.com/adsense on your mobile phone and you will see a mobile optimized version of website (helpful in slow internet connection) and if you are on a fast connection or using a wide seen tablet, you can switch back to desktop version any time through a link at the bottom of the screen.

7. Google Dictionary

Google Dicitonary Mobile

The Google Dictionary tell meaning of  words and provide deeper understanding of words with grammars rules and examples. Though Google Dictionary is not a mobile optimized website but its simple interface fits perfectly and work seamlessly on any mobile device.

With Google Dictionary,  you can keep up your own personalized collection of words. To create your personal dictionary of words, you need to sign-in with your Gmail account and to collect words, simply click on white star that appear just before a word. You can view all your “starred words” and “ recent searches” performed by you on the right side of the Google dictionary’s homepage. And the best of all, it has an in-built text to speech software which let you know the correct pronunciation of any word.

8. eBay Mobile


eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace is easily accessed on your GPRS / EDGE / 3G enabled mobile devices through its mobile optimized version. The mobile site  is specially designed for the smaller screens of mobile devices, and includes the basic features of what you can find on the regular version of eBay website like searching for items, “My eBay”, bidding, and checkout . The eBay mobile site provide an excellent m-commerce experience.

link: http://mobileweb.ebay.com/

9. Amazon Mobile

amazon mobile site

There is a light, stripped down version of Amazon web version which is designed especially for mobile devices. The Amazon mobile site has a very basic interface – on the homepage, it has a search box, a drop down menu  which allow you navigate through categories and some recommended items. And, putting an item on Shopping basket is just a one-click affair.

10. SlideShare Mobile

slideshare mobile site

You can easily access the world’s largest community for sharing presentation’s and documents  on your mobile device.  Head over to m.slideshare.com and on the homepage you will see featured presentations and an option to login. Once you login to your Slideshare account, you are able to see your profile, uploads by you and your friends, and the favorite items.

The Slideshare Mobile site is pretty basic to use , it allow you to view slides and documents, however,  you can’t upload your own content  from mobile device.

11. Google News Mobile

Google news mobile

Google news aggregator uses a special search based technology to gather best news from news resources ( NYT, WSJ etc.)  and blogs to provide you best news from all around the world. There are mobile versions of Google News for mobile devices is accessible at  http://news.google.com/m/news and there is a dedicated Touch- version available at http://www.google.com/news/i . On the front page, Google news show you only the selected top headlines with links back to the full story on the originating site. You can also search news of your interest  with search bar.

For Google news mobile site, Google converts the news pages into a phone-ready format which make a website to load  faster and compatible on a long-range of mobile devices. The best thing about Google news is that  it can serve up news items relevant to your location and  you can also easily jump to various sections such as entertainment, sports, sci/tech, business, and health.

And more…

We have a bunch of other web services that  worth a try – Twitter mobile, Flickr  mobile, FaceBook mobile, Photobucket mobile, Google Docs for mobile , Mobile9 and GetJar.

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