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Nokia and Microsoft have partnered to jointly develop mobile apps and serve the needs of the growing mobile users, we also hoping for a slew of new mobiles applications. It does not mean your Symbian based (especially S60 5th Edition) handsets are useless, the following guide on Nokia apps will help you to make your Symbian phones really smart.

Nokia Apps Guide: Make Your Nokia Smart Phones Really Smart NetQin Mobile Guard sybmbian

Mobile Maintenance App –  NetQin Mobile Guard is a must have free to use utility for your Nokia Handset. This app works quite similar to the popular desktop based app “Tune up utilities”. You may consider this app “Tune Up utilities” for you nokia  handset which provide fast and easy way to perform activities such as application, tasks and process management ( for e.g. killing or terminating a process), to control start-up apps, to delete cache and junk files, scanning file for malware, one-click optimization, to display memory usage details, monitor data usage while web browning and many more extremely useful tasks. Highly recommended !

Open PDF files on Nokia Phones : AlternatePDF, a PDF reader app (also supports DJVU)  that enable your Nokia Handset to view books and magazines (or eBooks) that are in PDF. And, If you don’t bother paying a few bucks, QuickOffice offers a commercial PDF reader for Nokia phones.

Travel Guides and Maps– Ovi maps are no doubt awesome but some useful features of Google maps suppress OVI maps and they are  – a) It show your current location, usually within 1000 –3000 meters. So, you can find approximate position position even if you don’t have GPS enabled Nokia Phone. b) Faster loading and  locking than Ovi maps. c) You can keep your starred items in sync with desktop version of Google Maps. d)  Integration of Google Latitude which let you to share your location with your friends and to see their approximate locations. You will see small Photos of your friends pointing their location on maps. You can also see their latest Google Talk status on maps and  integration of Google Buzz makes this app social. d) You can quickly find phone numbers and addresses for local businesses.

To download and install Google Maps visit ( and you can directly download Ovi maps to your PC from Nokia official website.

Opera mobile speed dial

Best Browser for Nokia : Personally, I like the default Nokia browser and the Opera Mobile. Mobile users are under impression about  Opera browsers versions for mobile phones. Opera offers two type of browsers for mobile handsets- Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Norem from Opera, has written a concise article on the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. You can download opera mobile either by targeting your browser to or install it from Ovi store

Best VoIP App – As far as VOIP app is concerned, you can either use Skype or Fring on IM programs Nokiayour phones. You can make calls (national and international) at low call rates and hence save your money. If you are using some unlimited data plan, then will find these apps a god send because they will allow you to make call, chat and send files with your friends on Skype and  Fring completely free. These apps are free and available at Ovi.

Best IM Service : There are free apps such as Fring, eBuddy  and Nimbus that enable you to send instant messages using your Nokia phones to your friends on Gtalk, Gmail, Yahoo messenger, Facebook, AIM, Hotmail etc. In addition to sending messages, Fring also offers you some additional features like voice chat and sending files where as apps such as Nimbus and Facebook Chat can used to connect yourself with your Facebook friends.

Facebook apps for Nokia Phones: There is already a mobile version for Facebook but if that is not giving app feel then I insist you to give a try Facebook for Nokia and Snaptu.

Snaptu is really fast app for using Facebook on your phone but the only downside with this new app is that currently it  does not provide any option for uploading photos to your Facebook (* Update – this features is now available on the latest version). However, Facebook for Nokia enable you to upload a newly captured snap or photos from phone gallery to Facebook.

Twitter apps for Nokia Phones : Twitter has become integral part of our social media lives and there are variety of twitter apps to read twitter updates, tweet ,send reply and direct message on your Nokia Phones. There are free and paid versions such as twitter app on Snaptu , Tweet60, Twittix, Trill and Gravity. All the apps are Twitter clients are good. I use Tweet60 ( free version) to quickly check what the people are doing.   free SMS

Send Free SMS : Looking for an app to send  free SMS from your Nokia Phone ? Download and install AirmeUp from ovi and then authenticate, your device is now ready to send free SMS to any phone number.

Best email Application : Nokia Messaging is a push-mail application for your mobile phone that made reading and sending mail by mobile very easy. You can easily access emails in one place from upto 10 email accounts. It support all the major email provider such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! etc. The biggest advantage of using this app is it display email in HTML format including all the images.

Turn Your Phone into Webcam : Don’t have a webcam ? SmartCam, an open-source app that  turns your Symbian Series 60 smartphone into a wireless Bluetooth webcam. For setting up your smartphone as a webcam, you have to install the SmartCam application on your Windows machine and mobile client on your S60 device.

Live Streaming  : Qik is an amazing app that you all should try. It enable users to share live videos with your friends and family – right from your mobile phone. After registration, it provide you a permanent URL like this (replace “username” keyword with your own username) where anyone can watch high quality  videos recorded by you. It also offers advance features such as Geo tagging, and users can share directly to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, email videos to contacts as well as post to WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr blogs.

Share Photos, Audio and Files : Pixelpipe Share Online is one-stop app for sharing media such as Photos, Video, Audio & Files using your Nokia Handsets. It’s a multi-service file uploader that enable users to upload and share files over 75 social network, photo/video sites, blog or online storage services. Registration is required, once you are done then you will need to configure your “pipes”, these pipes are merely used link your destination services where you want to upload your content. To upload content such as a photo, just open a photo from mobile’s gallery and use options to send it off  to Pixelpipe which will automatically distribute and synchronize to all the services you have turned on .

Watch Videos Online : There are dedicated YouTube clients such as YouTube for S60 devices and XENOZU by which you can easily search and play  videos of your choice from YouTube. I tried the YouTube for S60 devices which is an official app by Googlers and experienced  the swipe scrolling functionality which is really impressive and smooth to use.

Open Microsoft Office Files : Quick office offers the best office suit for Symbian phones. You can view as well as edit the full suite of Microsoft Office 2007 documents such as PowerPoint presentation , Excel files and  Microsoft Word document .

Read QR codes – QR codes is a kind of technique of storing & exchanging text information inside images. Information contained  contained inside the 2D back & white image can be extracted using a mobile phone with the help of decoders. Neoreader, a web based QR code image generator service offers free Decoders for a large variety of QR codes


Other Handy Apps : You can also download a copy of  apps to your phones that offers a slightly different user experience. Some apps and utilities are shared here that you may find interesting – 1) Nokia Internet Radio , it brings you radio stations worldwide you may find it very useful if you don’t have good FM stations at your area and another plus point is you don’t require to put your headsets in order to start the radio. 2) Bubbles, provide a better lock screen for Nokia phones. 2) Nokia Handwriting Calculator, offers handwriting recognition technology. 3) NoteBook Touch, with this app users can write notes and share them  via e-mail. 4) And, there are some antitheft apps for Nokia Phones which will help you to recover your lost phone.

Recommended websites for your Nokia Phones

As per my experience, Google dictionary(  and Wapedia ( both are highly recommended. Google dictionary enable you to look up words online and good thing about Google dictionary is that you can even listen to the correct pronunciation of words on your mobiles.On the other hand, Wapedia is the fastest  way to access Wikipedia articles and many other wikis. You should bookmark these apps on the default browser of  your mobile Phones for fast access.

Recommended websites to download Apps

  • # Ovi Store and Nokia Beta Labs
  • # Mobile9 and GetJar ( third party websites)
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