Allmyapps is an Awesome App Store for Windows

Given that Windows boasts a gazillion more apps than any other OS, it’s absolutely staggering that there is not Windows App Store built into the OS as yet. Fortunately, the developers of Allmyapps want to make the apps discovery and installation process just as painless on PC.


Closer Look at AllmyApps

If you use Ubuntu Linux, you can find, install remove and upgrade applications directly through its built-in Synaptic package manager. Allmyapps is the equivalent tool for windows. It’s a personal application manager where you can find, download and install paid-for as well as free applications on your PC.  AllmyApps desktop and web-based version’s looks fantastic and has made it supremely easy to discover and install applications.

The store features plenty of free apps, so even the cash-conscious can join in the Allmyapps community, and there are also many commercial apps available for download. The selection is regularly updated and tidily organized into various categories such as staff picks, new and noteworthy apps, type and area of use. If an update comes out, allmyapps let you know and it can update all of your out-of-date apps with one click.

Detailed description make it easy to browse apps, find other apps by the same developer, and alternatives. The store encourages reviews around the world which are more informative if you need to choose the best applications for download or recommend them to friends.

We like the way it lets you organize your favorite apps list(under mylist) and then install them onto your computer all at once. It also comes with few social elements, for example, it allows you to easily share lists via Facebook and Twitter.


How to get Started ?

You sign up (free) and download Allmyapp program then choose the apps you want to download. You’ll be presented with that software’s EULA. Accept it and AllMyapps will automatically download and install the software. It also lets you choose and install multiple programs at the same time.

allmyapps eula

And, If you want to cancel downloading process, just right-click the application icon that you are downloading and choose ‘cancel installation’.

allmyapps cancel

Our Verdict

If you just brought a PC or have reinstalled your OS, AllMyApps provide a great way to add all your favorite application with very little fuss. But the obvious benefit of using AllMyapps is that it give you an easy access to trusted third-party apps that are granted to be safe and Malware-free.

Go to Allmyapps homepage.

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    Thanks Ishank for the article. I’m going to try AllmyApps.


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