Add Google Dictionary Extension to Chrome Browser

popup-dictionaryGoogle dictionary is a free Chrome extension that help you to find right word meaning quickly and accurately. It not only provide you definitions but also the synonym, acronyms, and example of each word in context of a sentence. This Chrome extension even includes an audio pronunciation of each word and translations between English and 6 other languages. You can get the definition of any word including acronyms, synonyms, phrases, tech terms and even slang. Results come from Wikipedia, Wikitionary, WordNet or just from anywhere that has definitions and encyclopedic knowledge.

Once you’ve installed this extension, you will see a new dictionary icon near to your browser’s address bar. You can use this extension in three different ways.

a) Simplest way, just highlight a search term and double-click to make a definition pop up in a small window. If you see a speaker icon, you can click it to hear the correct pronunciation. Clicking more will open a new tab with additional information such as additional definitions, synonyms and examples from other online sources.

b) Just click the dictionary icon you see near address bar, and enter a word to search its definition, synonyms, antonyms, along with a correct pronunciation.

c) With it, you can highlight a word inside any web page and then click the dictionary icon to open a pop up window containing the word definition.

You can also set your preferences, right-click the dictionary icon and select “option” to get quick access to settings page. From settings page, you can set your default language and change settings for pop-up definitions window.

Google Dictionary Extension is a free tool that installs almost instantly from Chrome Web Store (link). So, next time, when you encounter a word that you’re unsure of, simply use this extension.

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