Innolea is a weblog founded in 2009. It gives you in-depth reviews of  software, apps and web services. Innolea has continuously attempted to develop content that will help you to save time money by showing you how to make the most of your computer and the web.

We always strive to offer you the best read and over the past few years we have closely with to discover what people like to see more of. We like to spread tech awareness, help and educate peers.


Updated multiple times a week, this blog’s major sections include Web, Software, Best –of Lists, How To’s, Tips Box and Digital Living and the Web.

Guides/How To’s
Don’t know how to do a particular task on web or software ? In this section, we publish step-by-step instructions to get things done. You get access to  advice and support that simplifies your tech life.

Best –of Lists

By now you are familiar with the best online apps and services. For this section, we delved deep into the web to reveal bumper lists of apps, services, websites and must-have downloads. No matter your interest, you are sure to find plenty of stuff here.

Tips Box (Coming Soon)
If you are living in a perpetual state of tech overload, we have some solutions for you. These tips will show you how to save big bucks on things you need, conserve time and effort, eliminate PC headaches, clean up your workspace, secure your PC and data, manage your files, and tips to make your life easier.

Digital Living (Coming Soon)
Welcome to Digital Living, by far the most popular “Geek World”. Now see amazing stuff around the web on your browser window. Aside from geeks, most of us will wonder after seeing the touch of imagination.

Software (Coming Soon)
We explore all productivity apps and utilities for users. We review programs that runs on Windows, Mac OSx and Linux distributions.This section probably has an application that matches your needs. If does not now, just wait : one is likely on the way.

Web (Coming soon)

In this section, we will be walking you through all you can do online – you’d be surprised at what you can accomplish with just a browser and Internet connection. We tell you what’s out there, which sites you might want to join, online tools,  how to get early bird invitations to new services, so on and so forth.

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