16 Must-Have Pokki Applications For PC Users

Quick Overview : Pokki is a collection of small apps-or Pokkies- that bring your favorite web services seamlessly to your Desktop. The Pokkies are lightweight apps and take only fewer than five seconds to download. Install an app via Pokki and an icon for that service will appear on the Taskbar, along with one for Pokki itself (acorn icon), which you can use to add other apps. Clicking an icon will then open a mini version of that service and if you click anywhere out of a Pokki app window, the app returns to the Taskbar. Pokki is free and available now for Windows 7 only.

Pokki for Windows

In this article, we’ve picked our favorite 15 Pokkies that deserve more exposure. They’ll all be new to you, but I’m confident there will be enough fresh material to liven up your time online.

1. Gmail

You don’t have to keep logging into Google mail or keep your web browser open to see whether you’ve received new mail. Pokki’s Gmail app add itself to your Taskbar and, a little white number will appear on the icon corner to notify you of new messages and updates. You get access to your contact list, sent and archived mail, labels and stars. The Gmail Pokki is smother and faster than any other desktop-based email clients. This is an absolute must have for Gmail users.


2. Tweeki

If crafting a new tweet may prove irritating due to an overcrowded screen, try out Tweeki app, which appears and disappears magically while sitting in the Taskbar. This app provide a flexible interface for reading and managing one or more Twitter accounts. It covers all the basics of updating your status, following or unfollowing friends, and reading direct messages, along with lots of other broad function with it. You can also do searches and it even tells you all about current trending topics, and popular people to follow.


3. Facebook

The Facebook Pokki lets you read your Facebook news feed and wall, besides which you can of course post status updates. The beauty of this app lies in its simplicity. Since, it stills an immature app and its lacking bunch of features; uploading/tagging photos, checking out photo etc. But, this app is in early beta stage, so there will be more refinements and features in the next update. Hence, we think it’s a worthy download.


4. LinkedIn

A mini version of the business networking site Linkedin, this app give you access to a wider pool of professionals and jobseekers. The app lets you send, receive messages, post and get status updates, connect with business associates, and search for new connections.


5. GrooveShark

Its essentially a tiny music streaming service for PC but offers a massive selection of music for free. You simply type the name of the track or artist you want to listen and within five seconds you listen to the music you asked for. Practically, no songs ever far away from you. You can search for tracks, compile playlists, and tune in what other members are listening to. And, its customizable radio tool offers genre-themed stations.


6. PWiki

This app pulls the  world’s largest encyclopedia in your Taskbar. This app has an elegant search functionality with auto-suggestion feature. Give Wikipedia Pokki a try, a wealth of knowledge is just a quick search away.


7. Tubbi

Thanks to Pokki, the amazing video sharing service that changed the whole world is now right at your Taskbar. It has a clean and straightforward interface, with fancy effects. With this app, you can search for clips, watch and share videos, post comments, rate videos, and get history of watched videos. It’s absolutely rocking application that would jazz up your YouTube experience.


8. VidFinder

It’s one of the best ways to find and watch videos from all the popular video sites. This app provides an easy-to-use search facility for searching videos and clips from popular video sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Blip TV, Hulu and Vimeo. It also let you explore their content by browsing categories, groups, channels, and so on.


9. Instagram

Instagram, a popular photography service, gets even livelier with this app. The Instagram app lets you browse your own photos and search for photo from around the world. There is a good social element to this app so you can add people, read and resend to comments, and share photos with location.


10. Reddit

If you are bore with browsing the same old sites, install the Reddit Pokki. It lets you discover new and hidden web gems.  You can also tailor the experience (with categories and topics) so you will only see content- web pages, blog posts and photos- that actually matches your interests.


11. FeedReader

Why go to news site when you can have the news come to you ? This Pokki app can find, manage and subscribe to RSS feeds of your favorite blogs and news websites. The UI interface of the app is sleek and simple, with easy to use navigation and search box.

pokki-rss feed reader

12. Tugsten Alpha

This is Pokki version for WolframAplha – a computational knowledge engine. Confused ? Well, in a nutshell it is designed to simply give you answers of factual questions. For some common queries, WolframAlpha may tell you it has no information at all. But for others, it can provide deep and complicated analysis. For example, put in two stock symbols it will compare their capitalization, revenue, and P/E ratio in a table created on the fly. And, if you were to ask it- the distance between Delhi and Agra. It will not only tell you the distance, but also the route and time it will take to reach there by regular aircraft, at light speed or even at the speed of sound. It’s also suppose to handle complex math and logic questions. I’ve  tested  this app, see the screenshot below.


13. Groupie

This app pulls daily deals from the popular website Groupon. Everyday, the site features a product or service from a business in your area (Groupon has deals in just about every major American city) at a discounted price.


14. eBay

Everyday, eBay has special discounts from selected sellers on items ranging from clothes to electrical goods, with some offering up to 90 percent off the recommended price.  Get these offers as soon as they are announced by adding this app to your Taskbar.


15. Movie+

Movie+ puts theater times, release dates for movies and DVDs, film reviews, movie ratings from rotten tomatoes and trailers in your Taskbar.

pokki-movies16. Notes

Remember those rush hour situations of opening a text editor to type in bits of information such as phone numbers or things to do ? Pokki’s Notes app is an improvement over such text editors. If you are just looking for a simple note-keeping app, this is the one you are waiting for. Its interface and ease of use, make it easy to write down things really fast.


Tell us  your experience with Pokki. Sound off in the comment if we have missed any of your favorite  applications.

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  1. Alan Masarsky

    Thanks for the post! I love that I can toggle between multiple Gmail accounts with one click!

    1. Ishank Badhani

      Gmail Pokki is also my favorite app that’s why i put it at the top of the list. Very handy Indeed.


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